Cho Kyuhyun of Super Junior is a silly maknae who has a lot of problems. :)


Kyuhyun came to catch me if you can practice yesterday. He entered the ladies room by “mistake” (x).

Kyuhyun was picked by Eunhyuk as a member of the “Ugly Team” during Super Junior’s 7th Anniversary Party.
fish-flop: Could you put the video sources along with the posts? Because I don't usually know where they're from and I don't want to ask you for every single one ^.^'

I try to always include a link of some sort in the posts, but sometimes there simply isn’t one available because it comes from a fan account or something of the like, but I will be more mindful of this as more “problems” arise! :)¬†

sailor-awesome: what's /post/24506597171/requested-by-grumpykyu-video-source from?

Either the 110509 or 110516 episode of SJM’s appearance on 100% Entertainment. The English subbed videos I had bookmarked have been removed, unfortunately, so I can’t check. :/ (But the video clip that post is referring to is linked in the comment box^^)

kyos-cock: Wait, did he actually wet himself, like, as an adult? Oh my.

No, haha, it was part of an SNL skit :)

Watch here, translation here.


From this account.

From this fan account.

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eight-year-olds-dude: Hi!:D Can you please tell me where this is from? /post/22297282639/requested-by-only4ueunhae

Hello! :)

It’s from the 100130 broadcast of Star Golden Bell in which Kyuhyun revealed:

¬†I had visited my neighborhood after being active with Super Junior for only 3 months. I had worried that what would I do if people recognized me and as I expected there were 2 female students who followed me. I thought they would ask me ‘Can you give me an autograph?’ but what they ended up asking me was ‘Can you buy us a pack of tobacco?’

You can watch Kyuhyun’s cuts from that episode here ^^